TRS Wet Scrubbers

TEXEL® FRP Packed Bed Wet Scrubber TRS Series

The packed bed wet scrubber can process a variety of corrosive gases. The scrubber and ventilator are made of FRP, which has superior corrosion resistant properties. (Circulation pump is made of Polypropylene of PVDF)


Energy Savings & Highly Efficient
– Our newest fan and circulation pump models boast the highest mechanical efficiency in the industry.
– Reduced electricity consumption and CO2 emissions
– Low Pressure Loss
– Easy to handle, low pressure loss filler.
– Low pressure loss spiral sprinkler nozzle (natural drop type)

Space Saving
FRP scrubbers up to TRS-150 are compact package type with fans and pumps installed on a uniform, common base. (For TRS-200 and above, only fan is on separate base)
Variety of Selection
– Ability to select our FRP fan most suited to the external static pressure that you require regardless of the standard fan installed.
– Option to improve removal efficiency by changing the height of the filler
Reduced Maintenance
– Packing Filler can be scrubbed and reused
– Low-clogging spiral nozzle
– Mist catcher outlet included

Removal Efficiency Sample:

**Removal efficiency rate for each gas listed above is calculated based on gas density at 50 ppm.

**In case of H2O scrubbing solution, performance may vary based on the supply rate of clean water.

**In case of NaOH solution, performance may vary based on the density of NaOH

Standard Specifications for TRS Wet Scrubbers

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