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Corrosion Resistant Scrubber & Blower


Metal Processing company

Industry: Metal Surface Fabrication
TEXEL Products Installed:
Vertical Packed Column Wet Scrubbers
  • STP-200 (FRP)

  • FTB701

  • Control Panel
  • Flow Meter
  • Pressure Gauge

For treatment of exhaust gas generated at Atmospheric Plasma Spraying (APS) process

This company is a US subsidiary of Japanese major metal processing company mainly handles metal surface modification such as thermal spraying. The company is providing surface modification solutions in the United States.

Considering the installation of a treatment device for hydrogen fluoride gas (HF gas) discharged in the Atmospheric Plasma Spraying (APS) process. Due to the characteristics of the discharged gas, both scrubber and blower need to use corrosion resistant materials. The final concentration of fluorine gas emitted must be less than 1 ppm.
TEXEL FRP corrosion resistant scrubber STP-200 (the pump is made of PP) and FRP blower FTB701 are installed into the Atmospheric Plasma Spraying process to remove the exhaust gas. A control panel is implemented considered future expansion of the system.
Benefits / Results
TEXEL FRP blowers have been working without large vibrations. The Total Pressure efficiency of the blower shows 80%. Customer is happy about the high efficiency ratio. Also, the customer appreciated quick support and shrewd advice of TEXEL engineers during examination stage.
FRP industrial blower for a metal processing company
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