Optical Fiber


Corrosion Resistant FRP Blower


Production of optical fiber

Industry: Non-ferrous metals
Location: Japan
TEXEL Products Installed:
Corrosion resistant Blower
  • FTB1001Z Blower Direct drive type
Used for Electrical Dust Collector which collect the dust in the exhaust gas

The company is manufacturing optical fiber as major product. Since the market of the optical fiber has been growing rapidly, the customer considered to expand the production lines and install the electrical dust collector with blower.

In the optical fiber manufacturing process, the factory has to eliminate even the slightest amount of dust, so the customer introduced an electrostatic dust collector. The gas entering the dust collector contains hydrogen chloride, hydrogen fluoride, chlorine, and silicon dioxide, and requested a blower that was not corroded by these substances and could handle high static pressure and large gas volume.
The customer decided to install the TEXEL FTB1001Z, which satisfies the stringent requirements of high static pressure, large capacity, and corrosion resistance, to the dust collector. In addition, the customer selected a direct drive type that has low noise, high efficiency, and easy maintenance.
Benefits / Results
The TEXEL FTB1001Z has been working well in tough environments without any corrosion caused by chemical emissions, which contributes for the busy production of optical fiber.
Model: TEXEL FTB1001Z (Direct Driven) Material: FRP Gas volume: 38,700 CFM Static pressure: 26.5” WC Handled gas: Hydrochloric Acid (HCl), Hydrofluoric Acid (HF), Chlorine Gas (CL2), Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) Motor: 330HP
industrial FTB blower for electrical dust collector
industrial FTB blower for electrical dust collector
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