Fiberglass FRP Fans

NSF Model FRP Fan 4000 – 20000 CFM /0-4″ WC

We are a global FRP fan manufacturer that provides state-of-the-art pollution control fans and ventilation solutions. Our NSF model fiberglass fan is ideal for industrial applications due to their many benefits. Fiberglass reinforced plastics (FRP) feature corrosion resistance, a low weight-to-strength ratio, ability to form complex shapes, and more.


Capacity to 18,000 CFM 
Static pressure to 4.0” WC
Impeller size 20”, 24”
Gas temperature to 176°F Arrangement 1


High volume capacity design with FRP construction
Round inlet and outlet for easy duct connections
Forward Curved Impeller


Casing: Poly ester resin
Impeller: Vinyl ester resin
Shaft: Carbon steel / SS304 or SS316 options are available
Base: Epoxy coated carbon steel
Belt cover/ Shaft cover: FRP Oil lubricated bearings
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