Two Stage FRP Blower

FTW Two Stage FRP Blower / Dual Impeller

Our high pressure FRP blowers are used in industrial applications to meet the need for high pressure in moderate capacities. Our fiberglass reinforced plastic impeller fans provide the user with an assortment of benefits due to their materials and structure. The FTW model is a 2 stage FRP blower with dual impellers for high pressure requirements.


Capacity to 5,500 CFM 
Static pressure to 90” WC
Gas temperature to 176°F
Arrangement 8


New technology in FRP fan industry – Dual impellers in one casing for extremely high static pressure applications. Oil Lubricated bearings for easy maintenance, extended bearing life, higher RPM capacity, and reduced vibration acceleration.


Casing: Poly ester resin / Vinyl ester resin option is available.
Impeller: Vinyl ester resin
Shaft: Carbon steel / SS304 or SS316 options are available.
Base: Epoxy coated carbon steel
Oil lubricated bearings
Air seal, Water seal, Mechanical seal etc. options are available.

TEXEL manufacturers high pressure air blowers that are perfect for many different industrial applications. Reach out to us today at 1-713-683-1505 to learn more about our fiberglass reinforced plastic fans.
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