Calcium Hypochlorite
Manufacturing Company


Wet Scrubber


Production of Calcium Hypochlorite Tablets

Industry: Chemical
TEXEL Products Installed:
Corrosion resistant Wet Scrubber
  • TRS-HS160
  • FTF303 Blower
  • MEP Pump
Used for ventilation for exhaust gas contained Calcium Hypochlorite particulate

The customer is a manufacturer of calcium hypochlorite tablets. These are used in a variety of applications such as municipal water & wastewater treatment, commercial pools, aerobic wastewater systems, industrial water, and agriculture irrigation. The customer recently expanded into a larger manufacturing facility and given the increase of production, decided to use a TEXEL TRS scrubber to treat the gas contained calcium hypochlorite particulates coming from the production line. Although the scrubber cannot be used for all particulates collection, it was effective for the collection of calcium hypochlorite particles. TEXEL recommends testing to confirm the effectiveness of collection of the particulates before using the scrubber.

Prior to installation of the TEXEL TRS scrubber, the customer had been using a baghouse collection system with filters to capture the particulate from manufacturing process. When using this method, the customer was changing out the filters weekly at a cost of $1,000 per week and was limited to scale production.
To reduce operations cost and handle increased production, customer opted to use our TRS scrubber as a solution. We had to carefully consider the clients capacity and emissions requirements to provide the optimal solution. The customer is now using the TEXEL TRS-HS160 model skid mounted scrubber, TEXEL FTF303 blower, and TEXEL MEP circulation pump to remove the particulates from the exhaust gas. Customer designed and supplied their own control panel. For proper operation, fresh water supply and regular maintenance are required.
Benefits / Results
Since the time of installation (2020), the customer has experienced a much more efficient manufacturing process, reduced operational costs, and has been able to increase their production capabilities. They use a regular maintenance program to maintain output.
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