Industrial Centrifugal
Blowers & Fans

Our Centrifugal FRP Fans

Texel’s industrial centrifugal fans are designed to withstand the test of time, ensuring excellent value, high performance, and few maintenance requirements due to our unique features. Our industrial centrifugal blowers utilize an oil bath bearing which allows for longer bearing life, reduced vibration acceleration, and ability to operate at higher RPMs safely.

Of course, our FRP centrifugal blowers are tested by our engineers in accordance with AMCA standards before shipment. Our FTF series is AMCA certified for Sound, Air, & FEI (Formerly FEG). Awarded the highest efficiency grade from AMCA you can trust our FRP fans are up to the task. Learn more about our centrifugal fan lineup and contact us today!

industrial centrifugal fan
FTF model centrifugal fan
green FTB series centrifugal fan
FTW two stage centrifugal fan
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