Iodine Manufacturing


Corrosion Resistant Blower


Exploration and production of iodine manufacturing of specialty chemical derivatives

Industry: Chemical
TEXEL Products Installed:
Corrosion resistant FRP Blower
  • FTB801Z (3 units)
Used at production process of iodine

The customer produces iodine and manufactures iodine products such as disinfectants and polarizing films for LCD panels. Elements are extracted from groundwater containing so called brackish water which exists together with natural gas in the strata formed 2 to 12 million years ago.

The customer had been using blowers to the production process of iodine which circulate iodine-absorbed gas through the radiation tower. This is a method for producing iodine called the blowout method. However, vibration of those existing blowers became higher as a sign of deterioration, and it forced to take frequent maintenance. The customer determined to replace the blowers to TEXEL FRP Blowers.
TEXEL engineers listened details of the problem which the customer suffered and applied the customization at the development stage of the blowers. After the blowers were made, visited the customer, and joined to inspection being performed by the customer to check the performance of the TEXEL blowers.
Benefits / Results
TEXEL FRP blowers operate with less noise. The total pressure efficiency of the blower shows 80%. Customer is pleased with the low noise. The customer appreciated the quick support and TEXEL engineer’s expertise during examination stage.
three green industrial blowers
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