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Corrosion Resistant Scrubbers


Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer

Industry: Electric components
Location: Vietnam
TEXEL Products Installed:
Vertical Packed Column Wet Scrubbers
  • TRS-F600z (Body:PP)
  • TRS-F500z (Body:PP)
  • TRS-F100z (Body:PP)
  • Texel Pump: PP
  • Texel Blower:FRP
For treatment of exhaust gas generated at production process (Acid, Alkaline)

The customer is a manufacturing subsidiary of Japanese major printed circuit board manufacturing company. They manufacture electronic parts mainly for mobile phones.

When expanding factory facilities, installation of a treatment device for exhaust gas containing acids and alkaline generated in the production process was considered. Three TEXEL scrubbers, which have a proven track record as part of the plants’ waste treatment system were determined to be the optimal solution.
Designed by TEXEL-SEIKOW Vietnam based on required scrubber specifications. We also manufactured the scrubber body in Vietnam and were able to reduce lead-time and transportation cost. Since the units are assembled at local TEXEL Vietnam factory, on-site installation was able to reduce the working time by only joining the connecting parts. Ability to achieve high corrosion resistance is due to PP and FRP materials used in the equipment.
Benefits / Results
Due to the manufacturing process of small electronic components, exhaust gas is generated during the surface treatment phase such as etching and polishing. The gas is neutralized through a scrubber to a level that complies with Vietnam’s environmental standards. Scrubbers with three different treatment capacities and sizes were installed in accordance with exhaust condition of each station.
electric component factory
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factory of electric components
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