Product Information

TRS model – Packed Bed Wet Gas Scrubber

Innovation in Design

    This scrubber model, TRS model is a compact design, high efficient verical wet gas scrubber. Our own designed packings used for the TRS model offer high removal efficiency by maximizing the surface contact between gas and scrubber liquid.


Turn key solution

      • The scrubber systems comes with a ciculations tank, corrosion reisistance fan, anad circulation pump as standard.
      • All items can be mounted on a skid for easy installation.

Easy maintenance design

      • The scrubber tower comes with rectangular holes for easy repalacements or clean of packings.
      • Our own designed spray nozzle is designed to lower possibilities of clogging.
      • There is a hole for milst eliminator for maintenance.

Stripping Efficiency

GasMolecular FormularWashing LiquidStripping Efficiency
Hydrochloric acidHClH2OOver 90%
Hydrofiuoric acidHFH2OOver 90%
AmmoniaNH3H2SO4Over 95%
Sulfur DioxideSO2NaOHOver 95%
Chlorine GasCl2NaOHOver 90%
Hydrogen SulfideH2SNaOHOver 95%
Sulfuric acid mistH2SO4H2OOver 90%
Chromic acid mistCrO3H2OOver 90%

“*The stripping efficency rate for each gas lisled above ls calculated on the basis of a gas density of 50ppm.
*In the case of water washing, performance may vary according to the supply rate of clean water.
*Further, in the case of NaOH liquid washing, pelformance may vary according to the density of NaOH ”

Standard Specifications Common to Series TRS

Standard MaterialsMain body, tank: FRP (polyester resin + glass fibers) Packing, mist catcher: hard vinyl chloride
Standard ColorsScrubber, tank: Munsell N-7 Fan : Munsell 2.5G6/3
Scrubber Pressure LossApproximately 1.2-2.4 inchH2O
Noise Level78dB(A)-81dB(A) At a distance of 1m from equipment.
Specially Designed ModelFor HF gas, Cl2 gas, chromic acid mist and solvents. For gases processed at high temperatures.
OptionsInspection trap, ventilator, damper, vibration-proof coupling, pH rneter, level rneter.


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