Product Information

FTW Two-Stage Impeller / High pressure Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Fan

  • Capacity to 5,500 CFM
  • Static pressure to 90.0 “wc
  • Gas temperature to 176F
  • Arrangement 8


New technology in FRP fan industry-Two impellers in one casing for extremely high static pressure application.ftw-1
Oil Lubricated bearings for easy maintenance and longevity of bearing life.


    • Casing: Poly ester resin / Vinyl ester resin option is available.
    • Impeller: Vinyl ester resin
    • Shaft: Carbon steel / SS304 or SS316 options are available.
    • Base: Epoxy coated carbon steel
    • Oil lubricated bearings
    • Air seal, Water seal, Mechanical seal etc. options are available.
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